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A.R.S. § 49-588 requires all large employers in Maricopa County, such as the State of Arizona, to conduct an annual survey of employee’s travel patterns. We are required to prepare and implement a plan to reduce employee commute trips or commute miles by 10% each year for a total of five years, and then 5 percent for three additional years, or until a 60 percent rate of Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV) travel is reached.  Progress toward this goal is measured by the Annual Travel Reduction Survey. This survey is conducted every March. Maricopa County processes these surveys and an analysis of each site (a building or group of buildings with 50 or more employees) is generated about mid-summer.  These analyses provide a detailed picture of employee commute habits at their respective sites.  The analysis also sets travel reduction goals for future years.  The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of state agency employees within Maricopa County who drive alone to the work site to 60 percent or less of the agency’s total employee population.  Each agency’s survey data is utilized to evaluate the effectiveness of their Travel Reduction Plan and to ascertain the need for new or revised travel reduction strategies.

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The 2016 Annual Travel Reduction Survey Is Now Online!



Coordinators were invited to attend a Think Pink ONLINE Coordinator Workshop to learn about the survey process. The Workshop was held on Wednesday, February 17th. To view the Power Point presentation please click here.


Coordinators are generally responsible for -


1)  Updating employee counts, if they change, during the survey process.  Updates can be emailed to


2)  Distributing several emails to their employees:

     - A Pre-survey email

     - The actual Survey email

     - Reminder emails to increase response rate(s)


3)  Ensuring as near a 100% response rate as possible at each of their sites.  Coordinators will receive regular updates from Capitol Rideshare regarding their percentage response rates.


4)  Completing the survey process within two weeks.


Agencies have been divided into two groups in order to stagger the survey process. A list of the groups can be found here.


For the first group, our office will send the Pre-Survey email on February 18th. Coordinators are to forward the email to their employees at that time and also post the poster. The Pre-Survey email contains a link to frequently asked questions that employees may have. We will then email the Survey Link email on February 22nd. This email will have the link to the online survey and should be forwarded to their employees that day. For the second group, the Pre-Survey email will be sent on February 25th and the Survey email will be sent on February 22nd.


Please copy when you send each of these emails to your employees.


We have a poster available online for you to print and post on bulletin boards.


The survey process needs to be completed within two weeks. The power point presentation contains ideas on how to send the emails out, contacting your upper management and tracking survey response rates. The County still expects as near a 100% response rate as possible.


In the meantime, you may want to review two sets of Frequently Asked Questions that are now available. The first set is for employees and can be found at


We also have created a Frequently Asked Questions page for you, our Travel Reduction Coordinator, to help you in the process. The link is at: FAQ for Coordinators.


For more information, call 602.542.7433.