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Nearly 100 coordinators from every Arizona agency, board, and commission, are assigned by their directors to implement a Travel Reduction Plan.  Your agency's telework program is part of that plan and vital to our goal of reducing single occupant vehicle trips and/or miles traveled to the work site to 60% or less. As the agency Travel Reduction Coordinator, you are responsible for the telework tasks that come with the role.


All state agencies, boards and commissions are required to implement the State’s telework program with the goal of having 20% of State employees in Maricopa County actively participating. While it may not be possible for some small agencies, boards and commissions to achieve this goal, it is imperative that these offices support this program to the best of their ability.   As the agency Travel Reduction Coordinator you will be able to see first hand how your agency, its many employees and the community will benefit from your efforts.


Telework is a powerful management option that allows selected employees to work from home, or a State office location closer to home, one or more days a week.   Telework offers a more productive working environment with fewer distractions that results in better job performance, improved employee morale and job satisfaction, reduced absenteeism and sick leave usage.  Telework can also help retain valued employees and help recruit top quality new people while improving the quality of life in our communities.


Agency Travel Reduction Coordinator Telework Responsibilities:

There are three telework measures in your agency's Travel Reduction Plan.  If your agency would like to implement additional telework measures, contact the TRP Telework Administrator at 602 (542-7433):

Measure #13:       Agency Telework Policies and Procedures  

The agency will incorporate the "State of Arizona Telework Policies" as a part of their agency’s policy manual and notify all employees to use as their source for information and training on the State of Arizona Telework Program. 

Measure #14:       Telework Briefings

Agency Travel Reduction Coordinators will arrange with the ADOA Telework Programs Administrator to provide telework briefings for agency management as required to help the agency achieve its participation goals. 

Measure #15:       Telework Program Promotion

Agency Travel Reduction Coordinators will promote telework as required to meet the agency’s 20% telework goal.  This may be accomplished by providing telework pamphlets and handouts to employees at staff meetings or at brown bag lunches, publishing articles in the agency newsletter, or sending e-mails to employees.


Quarterly Telework Reports


At the end of each quarter a Quarterly Telework Report needs to be sent to our office. The report includes the number of trained teleworkers with signed agreements for your agency in Maricopa County.  Our office will send you a blank report a few weeks before they are due. The report also lists the employees and the number of days they telework during the quarter. If you have access to HRIS reports, using a code 110 report to track active teleworkers is the preferred method.


Program materials you might use:
Obtain current sample articles from the Telework Program Administrator by calling 602.542.7433.
Provide briefings for agency management on the agency's plans to expand teleworking as appropriate. During the briefing, pass out the handouts entitled "Common Myths about Telework" and "Telework as a Business Strategy."
Distribute a tri-fold brochure on the "State of Arizona Telework Program" to all interested employees.


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