Picture of HPA sign as of June 2015. High Pollution Advisory Program 



High Pollution Advisory Program

Picture of HPA sign as of June 2015.In the event that Maricopa County deems the level of pollution unhealthy, a high pollution advisory will be issued. In that event, post your HPA signs at all entrances at all agencies and distribute/forward the e-mail detailing the advisory.  Your HPA sign should look like the picture to the right.
















March 2016 Update


Dear Travel Reduction Coordinator:


The weather is warming up!


With warmer weather comes ozone pollution and the start of the Summer High Pollution Advisory (HPA) Season. The Summer HPA season runs from April 1 September 30. The Winter HPA season runs from October 1 - March 31.


Attached you will find an information release, a program component outline, and a logo sheet. This information has already been sent to your PIO/newsletter editor.


Your role in the HPA program is simple. First, you will soon be receiving an electronic brochure regarding ozone. We will also include some sample email language to accompany the brochure.  Please pass this on to your employees. Normally we print this item but due to budget constraints, we are only issuing it electronically this year.


Other duties are equally simple. Each Monday we will email the Weekly Air Quality Forecast (AQF) to you. Please pass it along to your employees via email. Additionally, anytime an HPA is issued, please post your HPA signs immediately and notify your employees. If you need additional HPA signs, please call our office and we will send them to you.  Remember to post them on the day prior to the HPA; and take them down at the end of the HPA day if it has not been extended.


Your participation in this effort is crucial. We sincerely appreciate your assistance in this program. You will be receiving the electronic ozone brochure in the next week. And your weekly AQF will start on the first Monday in April (April 4).


If you have any questions, please contact our office.


Thank you,


Abigail Cooksey-Williams
Program Manager
Office of Travel Reduction Programs
Capitol Rideshare Telework Arizona Liaison Services
Arizona Department of Administration
602.542.3638  direct
602.542.7433 lobby
602.542.3636 fax
602.405.9873 cell



PIO/Editor Communication

Ozone Brochure