Code 110 







TO:                    (YOUR AGENCY NAME) Employees




DATE:               (DATE)

SUBJECT:        Using The New HRIS Pay Code 110

HRIS issued a new pay code for reporting telework hours on (YOUR AGENCY NAME) Time Entry Forms.  Code 110 will give us an accurate picture of how well we are complying with the Governor’s goal of having 20% of our employees actively participating in the State of Arizona Telework Program.  


If you are presently an (YOUR AGENCY NAME) teleworker, and you complete your own timesheets, please begin using code 110 to report your telework hours.  If your payroll coordinator completes your time sheets for you, please begin tracking and reporting your telework hours to them.   


On your Time Entry Form, label the first pay code row “100” (for regular hours) and label the next pay code row “110” (for telework hours).  In the code 100 row, enter the number of hours you worked from your traditional office each day of the week.  Next, in the code 110 row, enter the number of hours you worked from your home each day of the week.  Most of you will be teleworking full days, but some might split the workday between home and the traditional office.  Any overtime hours (regular or telework) must go in a separate pay code row (either 101 or 102).


If you are not presently teleworking, but would like to learn more about the program, I encourage you to contact our telework program coordinator, (YOUR NAME) at (YOUR PHONE), or log onto


In the meantime, here is some general information to consider:


Telework is a flexible working arrangement where an employee uses technology to work away from the traditional office on an occasional or full-time basis.  Telework arrangements may allow an employee to telework part of a workday and then work at the traditional office the rest of the day.  Teleworking can help reduce air pollution and congestion, or it can just offer the employee a little flexibility in where work may be done.


There are many forms of teleworking:

o   Telecommuters avoid the commute by working from home or a satellite office closer to home. 

o  Mobile or field workers use technology to telework independent of the main office and begin and end a work day at home or a satellite office.


By (YOUR AGENCY NAME) policy, every teleworker must have a signed, up-to-date agreement.  Telework agreements should be revisited each year or whenever there is a change in the teleworker’s supervisor.  A workbook and video are available to help supervisors and employees work out telework agreements. Please contact (YOUR NAME) at (YOUR PHONE) for those materials.

 Thank you for your assistance in helping (YOUR AGENCY NAME) attain the Governor’s 20% active participation telework goal.