Additional Measures 


More Travel Reduction Measures

  • Provide bike racks or similar lockup facilities.

  • Host agency transportation fairs.

  • Host zip code parties.

  • Recognize employees who rideshare.

  • Establish cooperation between management and employees who use an alternate mode in order to accommodate schedules.

  • Coordinate computer sign-on messages to promote ridesharing.

  • Schedule presentations for employees to learn about ridesharing.

  • Establish a regular e-mail motivational message schedule.  Voice mail is also effective.

  • Promote ridesharing via agency contests and special events.

  • Implement casual dress day on Fridays for those who use an alternate mode of transportation at least twice that week.

Please contact David Oihus, your Agency Liaison for additional information about these and other possible Travel Reduction Measures at (602) 542-7433.


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